Variable Data Printing Machine Manufacturer

Variable Data Printing Machine Manufacturer

Variable Data Printing Machine

A Variable Data Printing Machine Manufacturer (VDP), also known as a Digital Printing Machine or Variable Information Printing System, is a type of printing equipment that allows for the customization of printed materials. Unlike traditional offset or lithographic printing, which produces identical copies of the same document, VDP machines can print unique content on each individual piece, such as brochures, postcards, labels, or letters.

VDP machines are commonly used in the printing industry for applications where personalization or customization is required. Some common uses of variable data printing include direct mail campaigns, personalized marketing materials, transactional documents, event invitations with individualized details, and security printing with variable elements for anti-counterfeiting measures.

Technical Specifications :

Max Paper Size : 15" x 22" (OVDP15)
Max Paper Size : 20" x 23" (OVDP20)
Min Paper Size : 4" X 5"
Paper GSM : 40 GSM to 300 GSM
Max Machine Speed : 10,000 papers/hr

Applications :

  • It is used for barcode printing, ticket printing, numbering, mail addressing.
  • It is used to print personalized cheques, application forms, mailers, examination forms, hall tickets, courier slips, photographs,
  • It is used to print telecom cards, security printing applications, security packaging, special packaging applications.

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