Paper Folding Machine Manufacturer

Paper Folding Machine Manufacturer

Paper Folding Machine

A Paper Folding Machine Manufacturer, also known as a paper folder, is a device used to automatically fold sheets of paper into various configurations, such as letter folds, accordion folds, and other common folding patterns. These machines are commonly used in offices,print shops, mailrooms, and other businesses that require large quantities of folded documents for mailing, distribution, or organization purposes. We are best Special Purpose Machine Manufacturers in India.

Paper folding machines are designed to handle different paper sizes and weights, and they can fold a significant number of sheets per minute, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency compared to manual folding.

Technical Specifications :

Max Paper Size : 300 mm x 450 mm
Paper GSM : 40 GSM up to 130 GSM
Max Paper Size : 100 mm x 110 mm
Max Machine Speed : 20,000 papers/hr (For A/4 size)

Benefits :

  • Automatic paper folding machine will be able to fold much faster with the same level of quality. Hence enhanced productivity would save you time.
  • A folding machine will create excellent and reliable folds, leading to a better, neater product.
  • It does not need outsourcing. Having your paper folding machine means you'll be able to handle these tasks yourself.
  • It is quite money saving for the long term use.

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