Tray Dennester Manufacturer

Tray Dennesters Manufacturer

Tray Dennester

TheOrigami Tray Dennester Manufacturer is capable of receiving stacks trays of various sizes. Each stack will be separated by side pneumatics systems and the stack or desired denomination will be dropped onto an existing conveyor. Our Tray Denesting System is capable of dropping 1-6 items at the same time! This feeder can be customized to specifications and can be customized to as many pick stations as needed for higher speeds.

Technical Specifications :

Power : 220V, 1Ph, 50Hz, 300W
Speed : 5-10 Tray /min
Tray Size : 80,95 & 123mm
Capacity : 1-Portion single Round Cup & Glass

Applications :

  • It is used to feed the Biscuit in to the flow wrap.
  • It is used to feed the Pouch in to the Line or flow wrap.
  • It is used to feed the Cartoon into the flowwrap / Converyer.
  • It is used to feed the Leaflet / Booklet Into the flowwrap /converyer.
  • It is used for the highspeed with accurrecy can use for Top Serter machine.

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