Origami Pouch Layer Machine

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Origami Pouch Layer Machine

Origami Pouch Layer Machine is a type of equipment used in the packaging industry to produce pouches, which are flexible packaging solutions commonly used for a variety of products such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Technical Specifications :

Dimensions: L : 50-100mm, W: 35-90mm
Pouch Thickness: 50-20mm
Machine Speed: 200 Pouch per min
Power: 200-220V AC 900 W
Machine Weight: 120 Kg

Applications :

  • This is a special Purpose Machine which is use as per the customer requirement.
  • This is used for dispense the carton on converyer.
  • This folds the carton from side way
  • This pastes the glue on carton side corner
  • This folds the carton
  • This stacks the carton as per customer requirement with batch as per requirement

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