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Catch Cover Machines

Origami Catch Cover Machines

Origami Catch Cover Machine Manufacturer is extensively used fully intact with no cracks in the plastic.Further, these products are known for their hassle free performance. The products offered by us are highly durable and reliable in nature. It has Adjustable manual feeding hopper based on the sizes of catchcovers. It is Compatible with different sizes of catchcovers and is easily operated and highly automated. It also has Optional depositing station & auto-feeding system.

Technical Specifications :

Applications :

  • This is a special Purpose Machine which is use as per the customer requirement.
  • This is used for dispense the carton on converyer.
  • This folds the carton from side way
  • This pastes the glue on carton side corner
  • This folds the carton
  • This stacks the carton as per customer requirement with batch as per requirement

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