Automatic Desiccant Dispenser Manufacturer

Automatic Desiccant Dispenser Manufacturer

Automatic Desiccant Dispenser

An Automatic Desiccant Dispenser Manufacturer is a device designed to dispense desiccant material automatically and in a controlled manner. Desiccants are substances used to absorb moisture from the air and help maintain a dry environment in various applications. The automatic dispenser ensures that the appropriate amount of desiccant is dispensed at the right time to maintain the desired humidity levels and protect sensitive items from moisture damage.

Technical Specifications :

Power : 230V Single Phase
Net weight : 120 Kg
Gross Weight : 180 KG
Pouch Dimension application Range : 120 to 150 mm
Width : 15 to 90 mm
Maximum Speed : 180 ppm

Applications :

  • Protect Items During Shipping and Long-Term Storage
  • Prevent Corrosion and prevent Mold and Odors From Forming in items
  • It Prevents Electronic Devices From Malfunctioning
  • It extends the Shelf Life of Medications and Pharmaceuticals
  • Control Moisture in Automotive Storage

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