Digital Numbering Machines Manufacturer

Digital Numbering Machines Manufacturer

Digital Numbering Machines

Digital Numbering Machines Manufacturer in India, also known as electronic numbering machines or automatic numbering machines, are devices used to sequentially mark or print numbers on documents, forms, tickets, and other items. They are commonly employed in various administrative, banking, accounting, and printing tasks to add consecutive numbers automatically, eliminating the need for manual numbering. These machines typically consist of a display screen, a keypad for input, and a printing mechanism. Users can input the starting number, choose the increment value, and the machine will automatically generate the subsequent numbers based on the selected pattern.

Digital numbering machines are generally user-friendly, efficient, and accurate, making them a valuable tool for businesses that require consistent and organized numbering of documents. They save time and effort compared to manual numbering and ensure that the sequence of numbers remains error-free.

Technical Specifications :

Max Paper Size : 12"W x 18" L (DNM 12)
Max Paper Size : 15"W x 20" L (DNM 15)
Min Paper Size : 4" X 5"
Paper GSM : 40 GSM to 300 GSM
Max Machine Speed : 10,000 papers/hr

Applications :

  • Numbering,
  • QR Code Printing
  • Bar Code Printing
  • Jumping number printing
  • Text Printing

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