Labelling Machines Manufacturer

Labelling Machines Manufacturer

Labelling Machines

Labelling Machines Manufacturer used to dispense, apply, or print and apply labels topackages. Machines range from simple manual dispensing to fully automated print and apply high production units. Dispenser only label applicators are the method of choice when precise label placement is unnecessary and volume is low. A simple, low-cost electric label dispenser is all that's needed for this type of application. The dispenser supplies a label that has been partially peeled from the webbing. The operator takes the label and applies it to the product. A sensor indicates that the label has been removed and advances the roll to partially dispense the next label. The webbing is wound onto a roll as the labels are dispensed. The speed of the operator and how the product is handled determine the rate of application.

Technical Specifications :

Maximum Product Size : 250W X 250L [mm]
Minimum Product Size : 40W X 40L [mm]
Min / Max Product Thickness : 0.6 Up to 10 [mm]
Belt Speed : 500 PPM

Applications :

  • Top labelling on Carton
  • Top & bottom labelling in case
  • Side labelling
  • Round bottle labelling
  • Front and back labelling on oval bottles

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